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Marilyn Monroe announced as the new face of Max Factor

The glamorous starlet continues to live on long after her death, this time as the latest face of the long-running cosmetics brand

She was one of cinema's brightest stars, with a look that instantly became the definition of old Hollywood glamour - and it seems Marilyn Monroe is still making headlines even after her tragic death more than 50 years ago.
Today, global beauty brand Max Factor announced Marilyn as the latest face of their iconic line of cosmetics.
Max Factor specialised in makeup for movie stars during its early years, and like other actresses of her time, Marilyn was a client at Max Factor's Hollywood Boulevard beauty parlour during the 1940s.
Now her image will grace the company's 2015 advertising campaigns, which are set to highlight her transformation from fresh-faced unknown to blonde bombshell.
Mr Max Factor transformed Marilyn, born Norma Jeane, into a glamorous icon. Today we proudly announce her as our Global Ambassador! pic.twitter.com/FGsDFQs68g
"Marilyn made the sultry red lip, creamy skin and dramatically-lined eyes the most famous beauty look of the 1940s and it’s a look that continues to dominate the beauty and fashion industry," Max Factor's Pat McGrath told The Daily Telegraph.
"It is the ultimate look that defines glamour – nothing else compares."

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