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The lash boosters you need for fuller, longer lashes

You’ll be all a flutter for these products designed to make your eyes stand out.

By Nicky Pellegrino
Who doesn't want longer lashes? Mascara can only do so much to help; falsies are fiddly; and extensions look great, but don't last unless you're super-careful. Fortunately there's a crop of lash serums on the beauty shelves.

Need to know

Lashes grow for around three months before dropping off, so there's a limit to how long you can get them. It doesn't help that we damage them with our beauty routines – false eyelashes and extensions can both harm the follicles with repeated use. Also, as we age, our lashes grow and renew more slowly, often becoming brittle and prone to breakage. I've seen some amazing results with lash serums.
In the past these have been pricey and mostly available through salons. Now they're more affordable and accessible. While most promise results in as few as two weeks, it may take two to three months of dedicated use for maximum impact. Most lash serums work by using a blend of peptides, antioxidants and vitamins to fortify and condition the follicles. That's why, while you can get mascara/serum combos, it's better to go for a product that's applied along the lash-line like an eyeliner. You can also use them on the eyebrows.

Lash facts

  • The upper lid has typically about 90 to 150 lashes on it and the bottom between 70 or 80.
  • Most lashes grow about 10mm long.
  • Lashes are in active growth for six to eight weeks. Each lash will grow to a specific length then stop. There's a final resting phase before the lash falls out and a new one begins to grow.
  • Lashes have a function – they're there to keep dirt and dust out of your eyes.
  • Lashes are made up of keratin, just like the hair on your head.

Five To Try

Eyelash Growth Serum, $84 from Lash'd
The Lash'd eyelash growth serum is a cruelty-free lash serum that won't damage your lash extensions but will help nourish, strengthen and grow your natural lashes.
RevitaLash Advanced Eyelash Conditioner, $129 from The Market
RevitaLash's breakthrough cosmetic formula is clinically tested to transform lacklustre lashes into a beautiful feature.
L'Oreal Clinically Proven Lash Serum, $22.09 from Chemist Warehouse
This budget option is perfect for those whose lashes still need a bit of love and attention. Formulated to protect, fortify and beautify this is a great serum that won't break the bank.
Augusinus Bader The Eyebrow and Lash Enhancing Serum, $238 from Net-a-Porter
Augustinus Bader's The Eyebrow and Lash Enhancing Serum is enriched with cosmetic technologies that work to strengthen and renew for longer lashes.
Elizabeth Arden Prevage Clinical Lash + Brow Enhancing Serum, $158.40 (usually $198) from Life Pharmacy
Although it's from the Prevage family, this doesn't contain that range's signature ingredient, the antioxidant idebenone, but a blend of peptides and vitamins to help protect lashes and prevent breakage.


  • Always make sure your lashes are free of mascara and your skin is clean and dry before applying an eyelash serum.
  • Start at the inner corner of the eye and glide the applicator across the skin at the base of the lashline on the upper and lower eyelids.
  • Ideally use at night and wait at least two to three minutes before applying any other product.
  • Once lashes have reached maximum length you can reduce your serum use to three times a week.
  • If you get serum in your eyes rinse out with water immediately.
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