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How to get rid of cellulite

If it's any consolation, 95% of woman have cellulite.

By Nicky Pellegrino
If it’s any consolation, 95% of women have cellulite dimples somewhere on their bodies. Causes include poor circulation, hormones, bad diet and inactivity. Try:
Body brushing
Stimulate your circulation by dry-brushing your skin for a few minutes before your shower. Choose a long-handled brush with natural bristles – QVS does a double-sided one for $24.99 – and move from your feet all the way up to your neck, always stroking in the direction of your heart.
Dermal rolling
This in-salon treatment uses fine needles to resurface the skin and help maximise the penetration of products, to aid various skin issues.
Refined, processed and artificial foods are a no-no. Also try to avoid caffeine, alcohol, sugar and fizzy drinks. Instead, enjoy a ginger tea, or hot water with lemon juice and a little manuka honey.
Running, swimming and brisk walking are good options for cellulite-shifting exercise. If you’re desk-bound, try to move around when you can.
No cream will melt away cellulite, but a massage post-shower with a product containing stimulating ingredients helps boost circulation and elasticity. Try Avon’s antioxidant-rich SOLUTIONS Cellu-Sculpt Body Cream

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