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Here’s how to stop earrings from irritating your ears

Cheap earrings can often lead to red, irritated ears. But one writer has found the perfect way to pursue her statement earring obsession without experiencing the pain they cause.

Cheap earrings
While we’d all like to be able to afford the expensive stuff, for most of us, cheap jewellery really is the only option – and with so many beautiful imitations on the market, it’s easy to dress up an outfit using more affordable means.
But if like us, you’ve had to remove statement earrings a few hours in because your ears are so sore – it’s time to give this little beauty hack a try.
Writer Brittany Stewart recommends dipping the earring metal into coconut oil, leaving for a few seconds and then putting it into your ear.
As Brittany explains in her piece for Mamamia the coconut oil creates a barrier between the earring and your skin, meaning she could wear her look all night without the usual pain.
And while this trick can make earrings a little slippery, a perfect way round this is to buy plastic pieces to go on the back of the earrings and keep them in place.
Always test a small amount of a new product on your skin to check for reactions before incorporating into your regime.