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Caring for your skin in winter

At this time of year we tend to shroud ourselves in layers and forget about what's happening beneath them. But this is exactly when it's most important to lavish attention on our skin. Central heating indoors and bitter winds outside can badly dehydrate it. These are the golden rules to help bring cold comfort to winter skin.

By Nicky Pellegrino
Shower power
It's tempting to have a really hot shower on cold days but that's likely to leave your skin feeling tight and itchy. I always use a super-gentle body wash rather than soap.
Scrub up
The skin's natural barrier is important for protection against the elements so cut down to weekly scrubs and use a gentle product.
Face value
It's the part of you that's always exposed to the elements after all. If you're outdoors or sit near a window, you need to wear an SPF to shield skin from damaging UVA rays, just like in summer. You'll also want to slather on generous amounts of lip balm - I apply mine at least 10 times a day and keep them everywhere: car, desk, handbag.
You may think you can't spare the time it takes to smooth on body lotion after a shower but it's only
a few seconds and it's worth it.
I'm a fan of body butters because they're brilliant for areas that need more hydration, such as the elbows and knees, but often they can be too creamy for the rest of the skin.

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