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Beauty fix: What is the best brow product for you?

No matter what you want to achieve, we've got the right brow product for your needs.

Most of us regret over-plucking our brows in our youth – if only we’d known! Rest assured, the trend for fuller brows means there are new products coming out all the time that will make your brows look like you’ve never laid a hand on them.

Fill them in!

These inky, felt-tip styled markers aren’t as tricky as they might seem. If it’s a bold look you’re after, go ahead and use the top edge to create a full-on brow in one stroke. I recommend using it where your brows need filling, then turn to the pointed end to draw small lines that will mimic hairs.

New-generation formulas are a far cry from earlier pencil options which were very hard in texture and dragged across the skin resulting in drawn-on looking brows. The latest ones are soft yet long-lasting and glide on smoothly with a good selection of natural-looking colours to choose from. They are ideal for replicating the look of individual hairs, filling in gaps, outlining a thicker shape or lengthening the brow, and most come with a built-in spoolie for blending.

You can easily cheat your way to a natural-looking fuller brow with brow powder. The trick is to have a good, angled brow brush and the right shade of powder. A palette will allow you to blend shades together to make your perfect match or use them individually to create a 3D highlighted effect. Dip your brush into the powder and tap off any excess on the back of your hand before creating a baseline underneath the brow, then brush through with a spoolie and fill in sparse or uneven patches. For stronger definition, try dampening your brush first.

This type of make-up comes in a couple of different forms. If you don’t have much of an eyebrow to work with, try the type that comes in a pot (also known as a pomade). Apply minute amounts directly onto the skin with an angled brush, then build it up until you get the desired amount of colour. Because their formulas are generally waterproof and long-lasting, they’ll stay put all day.

For ladies who just want to darken their eyebrow hairs and groom them into place, gel mascaras are quick and easy to use. They work by coating each hair in colour and giving them a subtle hold. Remove any excess from the applicator first, then brush it through the brow – back and forward – so each hair is coated. Then use the tip of the wand where you want extra definition.

Multi tasker
Look out for a new wave of multi-taskers that bring together a combination of brow make-up types in one product. It means you can take your brows from a soft, natural look through to high impact with just one tool.

Make them grow
If your brows are in need of some rehab, a growth - enhancing serum is worth a go. They work to strengthen and condition hairs and promote growth. Stroke the serum over your brows before you go to bed.

Something more permanent?
Try Browography. It’s the modern version of permanent tattooing that doesn’t penetrate as deep into the skin and gives a more natural result with life-like hair strokes. It lasts around 12-18 months. At Auckland brow specialist ON Browhouse, it costs $895, with an annual refresh priced at $195.

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