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10 of the most painful beauty treatments according to beauty editors

From vampire facials to threading, sometimes the beauty treatments we endure to feel fabulous are downright painful.

By Bronte Chaperon and Erin Berryman
Some beauty treatments are fun; they feel relaxing, make us happy and give us a real sense of improving ourselves.
Think of that Sunday afternoon facial you bothered to do this week (points for remembering to do one sporadically!), or perhaps how sexy you feel after shaving your legs after winter ('hairy leg season').
It's fair to say beauty treatments make us feel and look good - and they're great if you need a little confidence boost. But some... are not for the faint-hearted. Others, well, put simply, really bloody hurt.
So much so, we dread or even put off these appointments - despite the fact that after the treatment we know we'll feel approximately 1000 times more sexy and will no doubt show off our new plump face/hairless body/accentuated eyes to anyone within distance.
To help you assess whether a treatment you're considering is worth the pain, Beauty Heaven's team of beauty editors ranked 10 beauty treatments based on the ouch-factor they experienced.

#1 Bikini line/Brazilian laser hair removal

Pain rating: 9/10
Do you have a body capable of pain? Then this will hurt.

#2 Lash line tattooing

Pain rating: 8/10
We all know how painful getting a tattoo is... now imagine getting one on your eyelid.

#3 Laser skin resurfacing (or Fraxel)

Pain rating: 8/10
Quite invasive as skin is literally burned off - fun!

#4 Dermal filler

Pain rating: 7.5/10
No pain no gain if you want lips like Kylie!

#5 Collagen induction (also known as dermal rolling or needling)

Pain rating: 7/10
Even with numbing cream it's sore...

#6 Photo rejuvenation

Pain rating: 6.5/10
And no numbing cream is provided with this treatment!

#7 Chemical peels

Pain rating: 6/10
We all remember Samantha after her chemical peel in Sex and the City, right?

#8 Brow threading

Pain rating: 6/10
We've got to admit, a few sneaky tears may or may not escape when we get this treatment done - but it's worth it for fabulous brows.

#9 Botox

Pain rating: 6/10
The things we do for a wrinkle-free face!

#10 Vampire Facial (also known as PRP - Platelet Rich Plasma)

Pain rating: Depends on your pain threshold.
The vampire facial, made popular by Kim Kardashian in an episode of Kim and Kourtney Take Miami, is a controversial beauty treatment that involves blood being taken from your arm and then put back on your face with small needles.
To find out what a vampire facial is really like - and if it hurt - one beauty editor bravely put the treatment to the test. Check out her reaction to the beauty treatment here.