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10 unusual uses for toothpaste you'd never have expected

Aside from keeping our teeth clean and shiny, did you know you can also use toothpaste in all these ingenious different ways?

How to use toothpaste around the house
As an insect bite ointment
Run out of antihistamine and can’t stop itching that bug bite? Pop some toothpaste on it and you’ll soon notice the inflammation goes down and the itch subsides.
To remove fake tan
Had a fake tan disaster? Toothpaste works wonders to remove unsightly orange staining on palms or inbetween fingers. Simply apply liberally to the area, leave to sit for a couple of minutes then wash off with water, rubbing palms together. No one will ever know your late summer glow is from a bottle!
To clean your nails
Products and other nasties we come into contact with can stain nails and make hands look unsightly. Get them looking squeaky clean again by rubbing toothpaste onto the nail and under it, then use an old toothbrush to get that sparkling appeal.
As an emergency spot ointment
Sometimes when you’re caught out without your spot treatment or clearing lotion of choice, you just need something that’s going to take the red out of that zit. Toothpaste will dry it out and speed up the healing process, making it easier to cover.
Get squeaky clean nails with a polish of toothpaste
To get silver sparkling again
Silver polishes can be needlessly expensive. Get your silverware, be it candlesticks, cutlery or jewellery, sparkling again with a wash with some toothpaste. It’ll look good as new!
As a stain remover on white clothes
There’s nothing worse than staining your new white outfit with lipstick, pasta sauce or other nasties. Toothpaste can remove stubborn stains from whites with ease. Apply directly to the stain, scrub hard with a cloth, then throw in the wash. When you remove it there should be no trace of the stain.
As a shower door cleaner
Shower doors can accumulate soap scum pretty quickly. Give it a quick clean by wiping them down with a cloth covered in a dollop of toothpaste. Rinse off and your door should be sparkling.
To clean an iron
Irons can get bits burnt onto them making them less effective. Clean a (turned off) iron using a damp cloth and some toothpaste, make sure lal residue is removed and the iron is dry before using again.
To clean your headlights
Proud of your motor? Keep the headlights light and bright by cleaning them with a little toothpaste.
Plug holes in your wall
Moved your pictures around and been left with unsightly nail holes? Fill them by using a little toothpaste, even out with a paper towel and leave to dry. Simply paint over later and there’s no need to buy any polyfiller.
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