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10 tips for the perfect fake tan

Be sun safe and protect your skin this summer, while showing off a golden glow.

By Nicky Pellegrino
Ten top tips:
• Fake tans affect only the outermost cells of the skin. They contain a substance called DHA that reacts with amino acids, causing skin to turn brown. A small number of people lack the necessary reactors, so self-tanners don’t work for them.
• A higher concentration of DHA in a product will result in a darker tan.
• The tan will last until the skin cells rub off, usually from five to seven days.
• If skin is rough, then the product will “grab” on to those areas and you’ll get a patchy result. That’s why it’s important for skin to be exfoliated first. Avoid using anything oil-based, as it may cause streaks.
• Don’t self-tan straight after a shower. Towel off, then wait 10 minutes so your skin is completely dry.
• Apply self-tan lightly to the skin, starting from your ankles and working up – this way you won’t get lines on your body from bending over. Leave your arms until last.
• Easiest to apply are tanning moisturisers and lotions that build up colour very gradually. Mousses are very easy to blend. If you have oily skin, then a gel formula may work best for you. Spray-on tans give a great result, but are tricky, so not for beginners.
• Wear latex gloves or an applicator mitt; or wash hands well after application, paying special attention to the cuticles.
• Give the formula plenty of time to dry before getting dressed, and wait at least eight hours before showering.
• Lengthen the life of your sunless tan by keeping skin well hydrated.
Danger zones:
Trouble spots tend to be wrists, elbows, ankles and knees. Don’t avoid these areas.
Moisturise, then apply tanner lightly, being careful to blend well.
If you have a problem with streaks, exfoliate lightly, or rub half a lemon on the area, then buff with a damp cloth.
1** ) **Natural
Sunescape is an Australian brand that uses an organic DHA and is free of alcohol and parabens. It’s my pick for dry and mature skins, as it’s enriched with antioxidants and botanical oils. Colour develops in two hours and fades naturally.
Sunescape Hydrating Self-Tan Mousse $53.50.
2) **Temporary**
ModelCo has launched a fast-dry instant bronzer, with an SPF 50 that washes off in the shower with a bit of soap at the end of the day. It’s hydrating, won’t rub off on clothes, and is water-resistant for up to four hours – so you should be fine to go for a swim while wearing it.
Modelco Body BronzeDry Touch SPF 50+ $43.50.
3) **Tinted**
Clinique offers the combination of an instant hit of bronze, plus a tan that develops in two to three hours. The tint helps you see where you’ve applied it, so reduces the chance of streaks and blotches.
Clinique Self Sun BodyTinted Lotion $43.
4) **Gradual**
Moisturisers that slowly build a tan are the easiest option – Avon has a range with light- reflecting pigments to give skin instant shimmer.
Avon SkinSo Soft Satin Glow Dailybody Moisturizer $12.99.
5) **Sun protecting**
An SPF 15 is handy if you want to go straight out into the sun after applying self-tan.
Clarins Delectable Self-TanningMousse SPF 15 $57.

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