Help New Zealand Woman’s Weekly find the Kiwi Classic Pie!

A pie is so quintessentially Kiwi, isn't it? So we want to know which pie really identifies us as Kiwis. Last year, you gave us your help in choosing our Kiwi Classic Cake – and we crowned the carrot cake as our top cake. Now we're heading back to the kitchen, but for a savoury treat this time, and tucking into a delicious, warming pie – our Kiwi Classic Pie.

Whether it's a fond memory of a big bacon & egg pie, wrapped up in a tea towel to take to a picnic, or a hearty steak and kidney pie on a cold winter's night, or perhaps a fish pie left on the doorstep by a caring friend while you're going through trying times and haven't given any thought to dinner – we want to know which pie tugs on your heartstrings (and taste buds!) the strongest.

After going back through 86 years of recipes in the Weekly, Nici and her mum Carole have tried and tested their favourite recipes, and added their own special twist to come up with six delicious favourites. From these, we'd love you to vote for your number one. Or if your favourite isn't on the list, simply nominate your own!

Vote below and be in to win a $250 grocery voucher!