Kiwi mum-fluencer Beth Morris’s top 5 essentials for life on the go

Kiwi “mum-fluencer” Beth Morris from @themorrismob seamlessly transitions from family mode to influencer mode thanks to her Holden Equinox, AKA her self-described home away from home. We get a behind-the-scenes peek into how she fits more life in to a typical afternoon.

1. Cup holders

I've squeezed in a workout today—yay!—and now I'm off to my local café to grab a juice and coffee, and answer emails. Then it's hot chocolates for the kids in preparation for the 3pm after-school rush – thank gosh for the handy cup holders in the Equinox to avoid spillages.

2. Kids entertainment

Grabbing the kids from school for gymnastics, I always have snacks, the back seats warmed and my kids' playlists at the ready to avoid in-car meltdowns (thank you Apple CarPlay* and Equinox for the noise cancelling cabin – no one should have to hear Jojo Siwa if they don't want to!)

3. Reusable bags

No hands, no worries! While the kids are busy, I head into the supermarket to pick up dinner… and classic me, I end up with three bags of groceries. Thank heavens for my hands-free boot. (And for the wipes I stashed away in the glove box. Ashton spilt his hot chocolate, so it's leather seat cleaning for me!)

4. Hands-free texting

What's that saying about best-laid plans going awry? Anyway, I'm late, so I have to drop off the kids and run. Hot tip: hands-free texting in the Holden Equinox is a lifesaver. I can stay in touch with my husband while on the go.

5. Spare heels

I'm off to an event and need to put my influencer hat back on. Thankfully, I've got essentials stashed in the various compartments and boot of my Equinox – leather jacket, heels, dry shampoo and makeup kit. A quick zhuzh in the mirror and I'm ready to go.

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