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3 ways to make exercising fun for your kids

Stay one step ahead of the cold weather with this three-pronged ‘f.a.b’ activity strategy by fitness expert Kat Stanley of RedefinedU.

Have fun with it

Set up a 'fun zone' in the home where activities can take place without the kids knocking over Nanna's vase. The spare room or a corner of the lounge would work well. Here are some ideas.

Make it an adventure

Opt for a trip. Choose the zoo or an indoor playground like Chipmunks, head to a trampoline park or Inflatable World, go rock climbing, hit up laser tag or splash and swim at the indoor heated pools. For a free option, design a mall scavenger hunt – preferably at a mall with an indoor playground. For example, the hunt could be to find how many shops start with the letter 'z'.

Be brave

Wrap up warm and head outside regardless of the weather. Go to the park – walk or take the bikes, scooters or roller skates. At the playground, do step-ups, push the kids on the swings in between lunges or use the monkey bars for chin-ups. Take turns picking an exercise to attempt together. Your imagination combined with theirs means there are few limits. Setting aside 30 minutes a day to do an activity together as a family is not only great for physical wellbeing, but it provides quality time to create lasting, happy memories.