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Viral parenting blogger's 'scary' health diagnosis

Constance Hall opens up about her health check.

Australian parenting blogger Constance Hall has revealed she suffers from an inflammatory bowel disease called ulcerative colitis, and says her latest check-up has been a much needed “wake-up call”.

The 32-year-old mother of four took to social media to thank her many followers for their messages of support after she underwent a colonoscopy to allow doctors to check the illness hadn’t progressed to anything more serious.

Hall wrote: “I have an inflamed bowel disease Ulcerative Colitis that makes my bowels bleed and gives me the literal shits and can progress to something more serious like Bowel Cancer.

“My symptoms changed a bit lately and the docs wanted me to have the scope to make sure nothing more was going on..” she continued.

“They have let me know that I am in the clear and while I will always have UC [ulcerative colitis] it’s not turned into anything else.”

While admitting she’d found the process “scary” the blogger said the check had come as a serious “wake-up” to take her health more seriously.

Hall vowed she would take take more care this year, and committed to making better eating and exercise a priority.

Hall was Australia's highest selling author last year. Photo: Facebook

The Perth-based blogger is also the self-published author of parenting book Like a Queen.

Hall's book, based on her parenting blog Queens of Constance, is frank, open and at time hilarious, and explores everything from motherhood to anxiety, body image and depression.

Hall put out the call to women posing in mismatched underwear, babe on her hip. Photo: Facebook

Hall also made headlines early last year after she putting out the call to women everywhere to share their ‘imperfect’ bodies on social media.

While the body positive post was warmly received by thousands of women everywhere, Hall and fellow mummy blogger The Notorious Mum Lisa Shearon would later become embroiled in a public online stoush after Shearon posted to her blog she didn’t believe in the ‘queen’ movement pioneered by Hall.

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