Six women wore exactly the same dress to wedding

They could have been mistaken for the bridesmaids.

It's universally acknowledged that wearing the same outfit as someone else to a social gathering is one of the most embarrassing situations you can find yourself in.

Yet it happens to even the most stylish among us - who can forget the infamous cat suit scene at Ann's annual Pussy Galore party in Real Housewives of Auckland - where Julia and Angela arrived in the same "skin-tight", black, shiny cat suit.

In this instance, the occasion was a wedding in Australia - where six of the wedding guests arrived in exactly the same dress. The $159.99 dress from Forever New featured a black lace pattern over white fabric, with a lace hem - and other guests could have been forgiven for thinking this group of women had formed their own unofficial wedding party.

One of the six wearers of the dress, family member Julia Mammone, saw the funny side and posted a photo of the six ladies with the bride on Forever New's Facebook page, hilariously writing:

"You really should start a bridal registry so that your customers can inquire whether anyone else has purchased one of your dresses for the same event!

"No, we are NOT the bridesmaids just the guests!"

Debbie posted this photo on the Forever New Facebook page (Credit: Facebook/ Debbie Speranza to Forever New)

One person commented on the photo: "Isnt it funny that 99% of guys wear the same coloured suits and that's ok but ladies dressed the same and it's usually a disaster! Love that these ladies found thr funny side."

Another wrote: "At least they all had a good sense of humour about it," whilst another added: "I remember going to a friends wedding in the UK and four of us were in the same outfit, I just went up to them and said what good taste they had!"

Well, they say "great minds..."

By Closer and Now To Love