Forget honeymoons - manymoons are the new trend among newly-weds

The movement in honeymoons that's appealing to many.

It's long been a tradition of newly-weds to go on a honeymoon straight after their wedding.

After all those months of planning and the inevitable stress that comes with it, there's no better time to jet off to a tropical island and spend a week lounging by the pool or on a beach.

But just as trends in weddings change, so do trends in the post-wedding holiday, aka the honeymoon.

No longer are couples putting all of their eggs in one basket, so to speak, and using up all of their annual leave in one hit.

From honeymoons, they're moving on to manymoons - where couples instead plan several short trips over the year to look forward to.

The advantages in taking manymoons are many - excuse the pun

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