Why dogs love food so much

They may not be able to tell you in words, but our four-legged friends love a good home recipe as much as you do!

If you're a bit of a foodie, chances are your dog is too. In fact, with a sense of smell that's 50 times more powerful than ours, dogs probably have more sensitive taste buds than us too! Every whiff of food ignites their senses, bringing flavour notes we've probably never experienced.

When you think of it that way, no wonder they get so excited at the prospect of a trip in the car or a walk in the park. Their sense of smell transforms a trip to the "p-a-r-k"
or their favourite walkies into a smellscape so rich, it's almost edible. And with a nose that knows good food, only the best food will do.

Our furry best friends give us so much love every day, so show them how much you love them back by giving that powerful sense of smell and those sensitive taste buds something they can really appreciate!

MY DOG® Home Recipe™ offers the tastiest home-style recipes for canine connoisseurs – and that's canines both large and small. The adorable little pooch on the familiar tins and trays of MY DOG® may be a small dog, but MY DOG Home Recipe™ is for our larger four-legged friends too. It's for every dog that appreciates a delicious recipe packed with meat, veges and pasta.

For the poultry lovers, there's Farmhouse Casserole with Chicken, Free Range Chicken, Rice & Vegetables or Slow-cooked Turkey & Vegetables. If your dog can't go past juicy red meat, there's Chunky Stew with Beef & Pasta or Angus Beef, Pasta & Carrots.

There's no place like home and no cooking like home cooking. MY DOG® Home Recipe™ is a delicious range of authentic and wholesome meals your dog will love. Love them back™ with MY DOG® Home Recipe™.