What is my cat trying to tell me?

5 of the best tips to win over your feline companion.

As owners of snobby cats, we know what it feels like to be given the feline cold shoulder.

But there is something you can do! Follow these five tips and you'll finally get more face-to-face time with your beloved. And, if you really want to impress your beloved kitty, follow up these cat whispering techniques with delicious DINE® Creamy Treats!

1. From dusk till dawn

Many people think cats are nocturnal. Which is kind of true, but in fact they are crepuscular (yes, crepuscular). This means cats are at their most active during the hours of dawn and dusk. So try getting out of bed earlier.

Not a morning person? Get lively in the evening instead.

2. Get some game

Swishing a piece of string on the floor while your cat walks out of the room… sound familiar?

3. Go scientific.

Spend some time experimenting with various styles of patting, tickling or scratching on different areas of your cat's body (you may need to carry out your tests over several days) and observe her reaction. Once you've found that sweet spot under her chin, on top of the head, at the base of the tail, remember it.

4. Sweep me off my feet

Cats are so adorably sleepy during the day. So, this is the perfect time to sweep your furry beauty up in your arms for a cuddle. Even for the cats who dislike being picked up by humans, this is the tiny window of time when he's too sleepy to stop you. Take this moment, and enjoy it!

5. The fastest way to a cat’s heart…

Is through its stomach. Cats invented the phrase 'cupboard love' because they love your cupboard. It's got to be delicious. Because your cat has taste, make sure you try DINE® Creamy Treats.