How to take the perfect photo of your cat

Improve your cat photography with these top tips.

Whether you're posting your kitty pics to social media or just showing them off to your colleagues, these tricks will have you taking your best cat photos yet.

So grab your camera or phone and let's get started!

1. On their level

Whether your furry munchkin is sprawling on the floor or perching on top of the wardrobe, take a step into your cat's world by placing your camera up high or down low.

2. Curiosity got the cat.

Use toys, sounds and objects to get your cat's attention – snapping your fingers, tossing a pebble, rustling plastic bags or paper are all effective ways to get him to prick his ears and look handsomely photogenic.

3. Go auto

For that amazing acrobatic shot of your furry friend as they leap gracefully through the air or pounces on a leaf, the 'auto' or 'action' setting on your camera or phone is the perfect tool to capture every movement.

4. The right light

Luckily cats are most active in the early morning and evening, which are both great times of day for taking advantage of beautiful light outdoors. If you're shooting your fluffy darling inside, try luring him to an area with plenty of natural light.

5. Patience makes perfect (and treats)

Be prepared to spend time to get the shot you want or, by simply waiting and watching with your camera ready, you might just get that perfect candid pic of your beloved fluff ball.

And don't forget to have plenty of DINE® Creamy Treats handy for a little bribery and reward!