Why you should be working out with your partner

It may be the best thing to happen to your fitness routine.

By: Lee Sutherland

Here at Now To Love we're always on the look out for ways to improve our health and well being.

From trying to exercise and diet like Meghan Markle to researching the latest health news (cockroach milk is now a thing? Yuck!), we like to be in the know when it comes to living healthy.

Which is why we spoke to Lee Sutherland, director of Fitness In The City, personal trainer, certified health coach and blogger (for tips on how to eat healthy on a budget, check out her Voome program), about why we should be working out with our partner.

Why it's beneficial for couple's to work out together

Let's call it multi-tasking. If you work late or start the day early, it means that even if you live with your partner, your actual face to face time can be at an all time low. So why not make the most of your free hours and include him in your workouts? Take him on your morning run, join him when he goes to soccer, do an outdoor session together so you can look forward to a coffee date after.

Exercises to do with your partner

There are so many options here! Are you both competitive? Why not enrol in a six week bootcamp class? Or on the flip side, why not try something that both of you have never tried before so it's a new experience for both of you? Think: surfing, rock climbing, dancing class, hot yoga, bike riding, bush walking on the weekends searching for new tracks – bonus points if you can talk while working up a sweat!

Exercises you should do solo

If you have a certain class that is your happy place – like pilates – leave that as your zen sweat time and keep that space just for you! Same thing goes for if you are super self- conscious doing weights or a HIIT session – just keep that time for you and maybe try something which you will still remain confident doing together. Bottom line is, you want to have fun together and have something that can just be for you as a pair.

When to pull the plug on working out together

If you're more worried about your red face when working out in front of him, maybe it's not for you! Me? I now love training with my hubby as it pushes me to work harder to keep up or beat him (hello, healthy competition) and we can keep each other accountable when one of us can't be bothered. So get your partner in crime on your side and get sweating!

Lee Sutherland is a health, nutrition and fitness expert, Director of Fitness In The City, Personal Trainer, Certified Health Coach and blogger. Check out her Voome program for tips on healthy eating on a budget.