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Karl Urban’s star turn alongside acting legend Al Pacino

The actor says working with Pacino is 'truly inspirational'.

Kiwi actor Karl Urban is on-set shooting a new thriller Hangman, alongside Hollywood acting giant, Al Pacino.

A recently released photo shows Urban and Pacino performing together, in a scene that appears to be a stake-out.

The movie, directed by Johnny Martin, casts Urban as a criminal profiler working alongside decorated homicide detective Pacino.

The pair are out to catch a serial killer who is terrorising a city with a macabre version of the children’s game Hangman.

The movie also stars American Dreams actress Brittany Snow. Snow plays a journalist following the two men as they work the, as yet, unsolved case.

Speaking to Variety, Martin said it was every director’s dream to work with Al Pacino.

“Brittany Snow brings a fresh, instinctual presence to the production, while Karl Urban’s strength, instinct, and versatility heighten the action and this genre,” the director said.

Filming for the movie began in Atlanta this month.

The 44-year-old actor called Pacino one of the 'greats'.

In an earlier interview with NZME the actor revealed how honoured he was to be working with the acting legend whose ability he’d long admired.

"I have immense respect for his ability and craft.

"Pacino is one of the greats. He has phenomenal instincts and his contribution to stage and screen is truly inspirational.''

Urban is best known for his roles in Star Trekk and Dredd series’ and his career-launching role on Shortland Street as ambulance officer Jamie Forrest.

Hangman is set for release late 2017.