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Australian Women's Weekly

Editorial Contact: Michele Crawshaw
Email: awwnz@bauermedia.co.nz

Advertising Contact: Liezel Hipkins
Email: LHipkins@bauermedia.co.nz


Editorial Contact: Rachael Russell
Email: next@bauermedia.co.nz

Advertising Contact: Anita Hayhoe
Email: ahayhoe@bauermedia.co.nz

New Zealand Woman's Weekly

Editorial Contact: Alice O'Connell
Email: nzww@bauermedia.co.nz

Advertising Contact: Sam Glasswell
Email: SGlasswell@bauermedia.co.nz

Good Health Choices

Editorial Contact: Nicola Dewe
Email: goodhealth@bauermedia.co.nz

Advertising Contact: Anita Hayhoe
Email: ahayhoe@bauermedia.co.nz


Editorial Contact: Sido Kitchin
Email: wdaynz@bauermedia.co.nz

Advertising Contact: Georgia Bews
Email: GBews@bauermedia.co.nz