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TV3's The Block host Scott Cam has some advice for contestants - don't take the show too seriously!

Scott Cam.

With Kiwis applying for season three of The Block NZ, Scott Cam has one piece of advice for future contestants – don’t take the reality TV show too seriously.

The 51-year-old host of the Australian version of the TV3 reality series has been a builder for more than 30 years, and has seen every DIY disaster possible on the show during its 10 years on screen.

On the The Block: All Stars, contestants have appeared on the show before, with four teams from previous seasons returning to try their luck again.

“There is lots of drama, lots of tears and lots of swearing. Even an ambulance is called in at some point,” says Scott.

“But you’ve got to remember, nobody is getting murdered, nobody’s dying – you’re just building a house.

“At end of the day, you will need a beer. You’ve got to switch off, relax and let it go.

“That said, I’ve hosted a lot of renovation shows and The Block is not one I would want to put my hand up for [as a contestant].

“It means sleepless nights and they are just exhausting. I love my wife and I wouldn’t want to get divorced.”

With applications now open for series three of The Block NZ, Scott encourages DIY enthusiasts to stand out with their audition video.

“You need to be vibrant and have a ‘never give up attitude’,” he says.

And as to whether the Kiwis or the Australians are better at home renovations? The building pro says he’d love to see our two countries go head to head.

“Of course the Aussies would smash the Kiwis, but as an Australian I have to say that,” he says.

“Whenever there’s a transtasman thing, be it rugby or DIY, it’s going to be a good contest.”

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