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Teulia Blakely: Dating laid bare

Shortland Streets Teulia Blakely gives us the run-down on dating.

By Emma Rawson

When it comes to romance, Teuila Blakely is a far cry from her complex and fiery Shortland Street character.

In her quest to find a man, Vasa has taken to online dating. On one ill-fated foray, she literally meets a man dressed as a knight in shining armour. But Teuila (38) says that Vasa’s approach to relationships is in stark contrast to her own.

“I’m very, very different when it comes to love. I love meeting guys, I love men,” says Teuila with a hearty laugh.

“A lot of people do [online dating], and it’s a perfectly respectable way for those to get together, but it’s not for me,” says Teuila.

Teuila is mother to Jared (21) and was previously engaged to Oscar Kightley, with whom she remains good friends. Teuila says she doesn’t have trouble meeting men, and when it comes to relationship advice, she goes to her male friends.

“They will always tell me what’s really up,” says Teuila.

“At the beginning of this year, my girlfriends had this terrible idea that they were all going to set me up on a blind date every month – and I refused. I don’t like things that are contrived. I guess I’m romantic. If it’s meant to be, it will happen."

“It’s about chemistry for me – you could step into a shop tomorrow and trip into someone who bowls you over with their chemistry,” she says.

Vasa’s life is soon to take a dark turn, when a blind date turns out to be Travis (John Tui), her abusive ex-husband. Teuila says that Vasa is unlucky in love because she is too guarded.

“When Travis turns up, I think she realises they haven’t had proper closure on their relationship,” says Teuila.

“Being in love is a vulnerable place and Vasa stays away from romance because she knows she lacks self-control.”

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