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Taylor Swift falls foul of her fans

Taylor Swift's sales have fallen after her split from One Direction singer Harry Styles.

By Kelly Bertrand

She’s famous for her pointed post-break-up songs, but it looks like Taylor Swiftwill have to sing a different tune after her split from One Directioner Harry Styles.

While she’s used to having an extremely loyal fan base, Taylor’sSwifties have revolted in their masses after learning the romance of two months has ended. Ticket sales to Taylor’sconcerts are plummeting, while One Direction’s have skyrocketed.

Insiders say that because the pair share a lot of fans, their devotees have chosen to take sides after the messy break-up – and they’re firmly on Team Harry. Taylorreturned home from her Caribbean holiday with Harry alone after a massive fight this week, where she is alleged to have screamed at Harry, “You’re lucky to even be with me!”

Sources say Taylor was sick of Harry’s “wandering eye” and heavy flirting. Meanwhile Harry, who’s often described as a “mini Mick Jagger”, was said to be tired of her nagging.

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