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New dad Alec Baldwin fights paparazzi

Alec Baldwin got in a fight with paparazzo photographer who tried to photograph his new baby Carmen last week.

Alec was reportedly seen pinning the photographer, Paul Adao, up against a car after he attempted to get a snap of Alec’s wife, Hilaria, and the baby on a street in New York. Alec’s wife was seen in tears following the incident.

“There was a scuffle – pushing and shoving – between two individuals, and the two individuals refused to press charges on each other,” a NYPD spokesperson told us.

A source close to the 30 Rock star says that the photographer instigated the incident by harassing first-time mum Hilaria, who gave birth on August 23. However, this is not the actor’s first public outburst. In February, a New York Post photographer claimed Alec lashed out at him when he attempted to interview him.

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