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Lily Allen bored of motherhood

By Marilynn McLachlan

Mother-of-two Lily Cooper, nee Allen, has admitted she’s bored with her life as a mum. The 27-year-old Smile singer, who gave birth to her second child Marnie two months ago, shared her frustration with fans on Twitter. “Sometimes I wish I had better things to do with my time than change nappies, cook dinner, watch s**t telly and respond to Internet trolls. #bored #needtogetoutmore (sic).” Lily is also mother to Ethel (15 months).

Internet trolls were a problem for Lily this week, who made her singing comeback at Paris Fashion Week last month after announcing her “retirement” from music to focus on marriage and motherhood in 2009. The singer came under fire after she offered to slaughter one of her pigs for a charity fundraiser for Comic Relief. "I will name one of my pigs after you and send you the sausages and bacon from it when I kill it. Join my #twittermillion team. Please," before adding, "Or if you're a vegetarian you can choose to spare the pig."

The singer was inundated with comments about the “cruelty” of her post, to which the singer responded that she “keeps pigs that are bred for the purpose of eating." But when the messages continued from upset vegans, Lily tweeted her frustration. “Jesus.f*ng.christ. Some of these vegans are loonies, more vitriolic than the most misguided of Cheryl (Cole)'s Soldiers. #nuhnight." Lily was referencing a negative tweet she had posted about Cheryl Cole that sparked a wave of negative tweets against the singer.

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