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Kim Kardashian sparks a riot in the Middle East

Kim Kardashian’s popularity has sunk to a new low as she sparked a riot in the Middle East.

Her 72-day marriage didn’t win her many fans, but Kim Kardashian’s popularity sunk to new lows when she sparked a riot in the Middle East.

Riot police were forced to fire tear gas at an angry mob, who were protesting the reality TV star’s presence in the kingdom of Bahrain to open a milkshake bar.

Islamic protesters chanted "God is great" near a shopping complex in Riffa, about 20km south of the capital Manama, but were cleared before Kim entered the complex to open the Millions of Milkshakes. Kim is also said to be brushing up on her knowledge of the conflict in the area during her publicity visit after comments she made on Twitter about uprising in the Gaza Strip sparked an internet backlash.

Back on US soil, Kim is also feeling the heat as divorce proceedings from Kris Humphries continue to be drawn out. Kim’s lawyers have said she feels “handcuffed” to Kris who is delaying settlement.

A source says should she win the case, she hopes to “ ruin him” by springing the hefty legal fees on the basketball player. Kim is reportedly refusing to return the $2.4 million engagement ring given to her by Kris and is said to want to marry Kanye West after the case is closed.

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