The Bachelor's Kate Cameron: Five things no one tells you about the first trimester

Former Bachelor star Kate Cameron shares how she's feeling after announcing her pregnancy last month.

Kate Cameron is a 30-year-old mum to be, who starred on the 2016 season of The Bachelor NZ. She'll be writing an exclusive column for us every fortnight, sharing her journey to new motherhood, and her real - not perfect - take on life.

A year ago I existed in a beautiful bubble of ‘me-ness.’ I was single and fancy free; living the typical self-indulgent life of a twenty something.

And doing things by halves was not in my vocabulary.

“A glass of wine for you?” the waiter would ask, “Make that a bottle,” I’d reply.

“I’ll be home tonight by midnight,” I’d tell myself on a Friday night. Hello 3am and ordering a fillet o’fish in the back of a taxi at McDonalds while serenading the driver with Taylor Swift lyrics.

Fast forward one year and I have survived a reality TV programme, met my prince charming and now been blessed with my chance at motherhood.

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It was a Friday afternoon when I found out I was pregnant. I had been so tired at work and I remember thinking I’ve been feeling like an eight year old lately, what on earth is going on?

An hour later I found myself sheepishly asking a young pharmacist for a pregnancy test. Not one, but five. I raced home and completed test one. Then test two… until I got to the fifth one and realised all were positive.

I'M GOING TO BE A MAMA! I was so excited and so shocked. Within a minute I realised what a miracle it was to be in this position and I called Brandon to tell him.

Our reactions were very similar; we were both over the moon and couldn’t wait to tell our families. Life for both of us is changing for the better and I finally knew why I was getting to 3pm and wanting to go to sleep in the staff toilets.

As I sit here having reached my second trimester I am so happy I can finally reflect and laugh about my first trimester experiences. Here are some of them.

One: I was so tired that it made every hangover I’ve ever had seem insignificant.
In fact, every morning I would drive to work with my head half way out my window, relying on the fresh morning air to keep me awake and dry my hair. My pants were beginning to get tighter than a Scotsman so I would mutter words of resentment whenever a slight, fit runner would pass me. That will be me again one day!

Two: I stunk.
Like a hormonal teenager. No one tells you this but you sweat like a beast during the first trimester. To combat the stench I would enter work meetings waddling like a penguin, too scared to flap my arms like a butterfly in case I knocked someone out with my fumes. For every nose I have offended: I’m truly sorry.

Three: I just wanted to eat EVERYTHING.
Breakfast would be at 7.30am and by 9.30, I was deciding on whether I should have the savoury feta scone or opt for something healthier. The scones always won until I realised I was falling into the trap of eating for two. I swapped out my scones for Paleo muesli which I would add full fat milk to (the irony I know, however life is about balance?!)

Four: I discovered early on that baby brain is a real thing.
From getting to the airport and realising I had left my bag of clothes at home to making a new business call and forgetting my own name. Reminders on my phone have been swapped from wine dates with friends to getting the washing in and the meat out of the freezer for dinner.

Five: Overnight I wanted to transform into a domestic goddess.
I have never been a natural cook but overnight I found myself buying a cake mixer as well as all the baking ingredients. I have since made two failed attempts at banana muffins so I moved onto conquer dinner. I BBQ’d a roll of lamb (and left the strings on) which singed into the meat, while the night before I failed at chicken stir fry. I now have my first My Food Bag order coming this Sunday and have since learnt life is about picking your battles!

My Friday nights now consist of deciding whether I can stay awake long enough to watch Graham Norton, and my 3am drivethrough adventures have been quickly replaced by late night toilet stops, that occur every two hours. Quite honestly though, I wouldn’t have it any other way. I feel extremely lucky.

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