Growing sunflowers

Plant the seed now and you'll have a keen gardener in no time

By Wendyl Nissen

Sunflowers are so easy to grow and a great project to share with the kids. Plant along a fence line for a great show or devote a whole corner of your garden to them. The important thing to remember is that they need lots of light, so make sure you choose a nice sunny spot.

For best results, plant the seeds directly into the garden now. Pop them into well-watered and fertilised soil about 3cm deep and the kids will only have to wait five to 10 days for shoots to appear. Then you can all sit back and watch in amazement as these enormous plants grow and produce the most wonderfully cheerful, big yellow flowers. For giant varieties, you will need to stake them for support as they get bigger.

When they’re finished flowering, the local birds will love you for the sunflower seeds. If you’re not too confident about growing big sunflowers, you can now get smaller varieties, which are a bit more manageable for little green thumbs.

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