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The Queen's promise

By Morgan Johnston
New Zealand Woman's Weekly - January 7 2013

In this week's issue, as the Queen’s jubilee draws to an end, she prepares to usher in a new era of power.

Also in this issue, New Zealand's hottest stars share their tips for a healthy body and happy mind - from getting inspired with music to making the perfect smoothie, we've got all you need to kick-start those pesky New Year's resolutions.

Check out what the new year will hold for you with our special horoscope guide. As well as
predictions from the Weekly’s astrologer Jackie Pope, we look at your health, wealth and happiness prospects according to Chinese horoscopes.

In this week's Weekly People's section, Psychic medium Kelvin Cruickshank shares his experience of "seeing dead people" and meet the Kiwi woman who's turned her life around by listening to signals from the universe.

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