Ways to freshen your home for summer

Channel a burst of newseason energy into a fresh look for your home.

By Louise Richardson
Ways to freshen your home for summer

With summer’s arrival, many of us are experiencing unexpected surges of energy, and in my case that’s usually a cue for alterations around the home. I’m a bit fixated on wallpapering the bathroom in black and white stripes, but that’s the subject of an ongoing debate with my better half and I’m still not sure who will win. In the meantime I’ve gathered some inspirational images for those of you who want to ring the changes right now. Have fun!

  1. Instead of polishing your floors, consider painting and polyurethaning them. You can choose any colour you like, and if you tire of the hue in future, simply repaint them. The black shown here is elegant and timeless.

  1. I’m utterly blown away by this cool loft bathroom with its sunken bath that looks like a mini swimming pool. Not many of us have the space in our homes for such a big bathroom but I’m going to store this shot for future (post-Lotto) reference all the same.

  1. There’s something so charming about a table with mismatched chairs. When the food and company are good, you realise aesthetic concerns, such as whether your chairs match, don’t matter, so forget about having “perfect” décor.

  1. On a similar note, the random nature of the placement of the splashback tiles in this red and white kitchen is oddly appealing. A tired kitchen can be markedly perked up when you embark on this kind of project, so why not give this look a go.

  1. I mentioned my yearning for black and white stripes and the photo above shows how simple yet dramatic they can be. It’s a classic combination that will never date and you can pair any colour with it to fabulous effect.

  1. Old dining chairs really benefit from the addition of bright new cushions. You could make them yourself using fabric remnants, but they’re often so affordable in chain stores that you may not need to go to the trouble.

  1. If you hear the patter of tiny feet at home or you’re anticipating their imminent arrival, push the boat out when it comes to choosing colours for the nursery. Few babies or children could fail to enjoy this gorgeous bright blue – and it’s a shade that’s suited to both boys and girls.

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