Ideas for covering kids books

Brighten up lessons with exercise book add-ons.

1) Use old gift-wrapping paper to create pretty school books. To finish the look, we headed online to find an image of a bow – perfect to cut out and paste on for a final flourish.

2) For the young adventurer, turn geography or history textbooks into something special with old road maps or almanacs. Or, create your own treasure map – burn the edges to give it an authentic finish.

3) Stand out with fabulous fluoro. Whether you keep it simple and pair hints of fluoro with basic brown paper, or use multiple clashing colours, you can’t go wrong. A shaped hole punch is cheap and simple to use, yet gives you a professional finish (Pop Up Punch Heart, $9.99 from Spotlight).

4) Heavy, coloured paper makes a pretty, sturdy covering (Bubblegum and Lollipop 99c, Spotlight). Cover with clear wrap for added durability. A pocket on the cover comesin handy for storing timetables or stationery (Dixon pouches, $8.99 for a 10 pack, Whitcoulls).

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