Ideas for brightening up your home

Bring the outside world into your home with these easy steps.

By Louise Richardson
Ideas for brightening up your home

Although housing shortages may see more of us city-dwellers living in apartments, the majority of Kiwis still inhabit homes where space and light abound. It’s something we should enhance and celebrate with décor that captures that unique essence. This week we’ve gathered some gorgeous, bright and breezy ideas to inspire you.

It’s important to have spaces where you can retreat and commune with nature. A comfy seat by the window or door is often all you need. Keep the immediate area as uncluttered as possible.

Never underestimate the potential of a simple bunch of flowers! If you have a garden, make the most of it and introduce some beautifully coloured and scented blooms every day.

Having flowers and plants around us at home is good for the soul – and super-stylish too. This doesn’t mean having an indoor jungle or forest – small touches can be highly effective. Keep window treatments simple – even non-existent if that’s feasible – in order for the natural light outside to flood your living areas.

It can be great fun renewing and reviving old furniture. You’ll often see such furniture, no longer loved, languishing by the side of the road or tossed out at inorganic collection time.

When the sun’s gone for the day, light your way into evening time with candles rather than harsh electric lighting. A flickering flame can have an oddly sonorous effect, which is perfect if you’re winding down for bed.

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