Decorating Ideas: black and white

You can’t beat black or white for virtually any type of home décor.

By Louise Richardson

You can’t beat black or white for virtually any type of home décor. They’re colours that always look crisp and cool, yet seem warm when the light hits – and are guaranteed not to date. Almost any other shade can be added to them for a stand-out scheme – but sometimes it’s a case of the simpler the better.

Nature’s bold colours; especially red and its variants, fit right into a black and white scene. Use them to create pops of brilliance that will liven up the darkest days. With most flowers available practically all year round these days, you don’t need to deprive yourself of your favourite blooms when winter weather bites outside.


White tiles can bring any part of the house to life – and you don’t need to restrict yourself to traditional shapes either. These rectangular examples make a refreshing change and the smart, yet subtle furniture pieces add pizazz.


White walls and light oak floors provide the backdrop for an eclectic array of accessories.

From the gorgeous grand piano and the pretty poppy fabric-covered chair, to Fido at the front, this is a room with oodles of elegance.


This streamlined kitchen is a gleaming monument to the versatility of black. With white woodwork to complement the joinery and a plain floor to add a sense of space, it’s a room that ticks all the boxes when it comes to classic cool.


Green is another perfect partner in your scheme. Glass domes are a homeware essential at the moment and can be used to add an extra dimension to almost any sort of floral art – or a much-loved decoration, such as this dainty cupid’s head.

An elegant gold mirror and punchy chequered tiles provide elements of interest in this sensational bathroom. You can’t go past porcelain in traditional styles – it provides a look that’s always popular!

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