Craft: Star garlands

Festive and fun to make.


  • Pencil
  • Metal ruler
  • 3mm thick grey card
  • Craft knife and cutting mat
  • Offcuts of wallpaper or other medium-weight paper
  • Spray adhesive
  • Double-sided tape
  • Hole punch or bradawl
  • Length of string or ribbon for hanging
  • Scissors

To make the star

1) Using an enlarged version of the template to the far right, trace the star outline onto the piece of grey card. Using a pencil and metal ruler, draw the lines (both blue and red) between the points of the star where indicated on the template.

2) Using a metal ruler and craft knife, cut out the star from the grey card. Turn the card over and draw pencil lines between the points of the star as before.

3) On one side of the star, score the five short lines marked in red on the template.

4) Turn the star over and score the five long lines marked in blue on the template.

5) With this side facing upwards, gently pinch and manipulate each star point until they become three-dimensional.

To cover the star

6) Lay a piece of wallpaper right-side down on a clean, flat surface. Spray the front of the star with adhesive, then place it on the wallpaper. Press the star flat. Cut around it, leaving a 2cm margin of wallpaper all the way around.

7) At each inner point of the star, trim away some of the wallpaper as shown. Place a strip of the double-sided tape along each side of each point. Remove its protective backing.

(Part 8)
(Part 8)

8) Fold the edges of the wallpaper back onto the double-sided tape, trimming away any excess at the tip of the star points.

9) Turn the star over and reshape it. Using a hole punch or bradawl, make a hole in the top of the star points and thread a length of string or ribbon through it to make a hanging loop.

copy  the template  at 200% or more to make large stars, or 100% for smaller.
copy the template at 200% or more to make large stars, or 100% for smaller.

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