Christmas Decorating Outdoors

Many of us choose the restful ambience of our garden as the location for the festive meal.

Christmas Decorating Outdoors

The garden is often at the bottom of the list of priorities when it comes to decorating for Christmas. However many of us choose the restful ambience of our garden as the location for the festive meal, followed by a drink or two in the summer air, so while you’re out and about buying gifts, it pays to pick up a few accessories to spruce up your outdoor area. It needn’t take a lot of time or money, but it’ll make your Christmas and New Year parties even more delightful!

Let there be light…

Candles, lanterns, torches, hurricane lamps and fairy lights are a must for a garden party that runs past sunset. They create a romantic atmosphere and help light the way. Place groups of candles and flame torches around the garden. Check the flames won’t reach overhanging foliage and place candles, anchored with sand or pebbles, in large glass jars to stop them falling over or blowing out. Have at least one citronella candle in each grouping to ward off irritating insects. Add a brazier or chiminea to keep your guests warm and the party humming.

Style and comfort…

Scattering cushions over bright throws on the lawn or on outdoor furniture injects an immediate air of festivity to a daytime party. Use a set of cheap and cheerful, hardwearing and washable cushions and throws to save your best homeware from grass stains – they’ll come in handy all summer long for picnic dinners. If your outdoor brolly is looking a little faded and jaded, treat yourself to a new one for Christmas. Team it with the cushions and throw on the lawn to create a cool spot for a post-feast siesta.

The bright side…

A few colourful containers placed around the garden draw the eye away from weeds – so don’t bother weeding, just get planting! While red can be an overpowering colour in the garden, it’s perfect for Christmas. Elegant white hydrangeas also lend themselves well to a yuletide theme. Although they are sun-tolerant, to prevent discolouration of flowers, position potted hydrangeas in semi-shade. Watering plants at the base will also prevent water from marking the flowers.

Above all, enjoy being outdoors in your garden this Christmas.

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