8 reasons you need a life coach

Because sometimes it seems impossible to see your way out of a life you’ve accidentally created...
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“This isn’t working for me…”

We’ve probably all said it at some point in our life.

So where did you take the wrong turn? How did life get to be so complicated and busy? What are you going to do about it?

Sometimes it seems impossible to see your way out of a life you’ve accidentally created. Changing the status quo and having the courage to design your own life is difficult, complicated and can be overwhelming to handle alone.

If you find yourself feeling this way then it’s time to call a life coach!

Here are the top 10 reasons you need a life coach.

1. It’s time to start over

The life you imagined and worked so hard to achieve has not gone according to plan. People change, disasters happen, relationships break, choices are made, jobs disappear, children grow up and it’s time to start over.

Having resilience and determination to make the necessary changes and adapt to your new picture is imperative for future happiness.

A life coach can help change your perspective, redefine your short and long term goals, develop a plan of attack and give you the confidence and skills to bring about a successful, fulfilling future.

2. Your relationships aren’t working

Are you hanging on to resentment and anger towards your partner? Are you constantly on high alert and overreacting?

Instead of looking at the external environment and seeking drastic change that may have far-reaching implications, a life coach can help to find your true happiness from within and provide you with tools to help actualise your future and thrive in your relationships both personally and professionally.

A life coach could hold the key to unlocking your happiest, healthiest self yet.

3. Where’s the joy?

With so many responsibilities and tasks to accomplish each day, we can lose our sense of lightness and enjoyment. According to Life Coach Noni Boon, life wasn’t meant to be hard and unrewarding.

Finding the right life coach can help lighten up, find joy and have fun while finding fulfilment, meaning, and purpose in your life.

4. You need to rediscover your passion

You used to love playing the guitar, growing orchids and walking at sunrise. Now, your days feel like an endless cycle of sameness with mounting responsibility to others and no time to yourself.

Having definable passions and interests can have a major impact on your contentment and happiness.

Outside your responsibilities to work, your family and friends, a life coach can help you explore what’s missing, rediscover your unique truth and help you set a clear path for defining passion and achieving a fulfilled future.

It’s never too late to put yourself back on the right path of making your dreams come true.

5. When you are dreaming and not doing

You have a vague idea of what you want for the future but nothing seems to be changing and you don’t know how, or if you will ever get there.

It may be landing a promotion at work, finding a great relationship, turning your passion project into a full-time business or saving enough to visit places you’ve always wanted to see.

If a sense of helplessness starts to set in, a life coach can give you the tools to sharpen the image on your future and help you build confidence by providing the motivation, support and resources you need to dream and succeed.

6. You’ve lost your self-esteem and confidence

A life coach can help you identify which areas of your life are out of balance, create personal, specific, measurable and attainable goals, manage stress and take responsibility for your happiness.

Sometimes, resetting your thinking and lining up achievable goals is all it takes to boost your confidence.

7. When you need to start being brave

Have you lost the confidence to go after what you want?

Have life’s bumps and bruises left you feeling incapable of reaching your potential? Does the fear of failure stop you from succeeding?

Working with a life coach can help you break the cycle of inaction.

They can assist in identifying your fears, help you realise the impact of letting fear take over, help set achievable goals, make you accountable and work with you to be brave and find the confidence to succeed.

8. When you’re overwhelmed to the point of panic

If the constant pressure and stress of life is causing you to feel overwhelmed and out of sync with your life plans, a life coach can get you back on track by giving you strategies for time management and goal setting, and lead you on a journey of self-discovery.

Words: Deborah Hutton

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