Probiotic yoghurt for good health

Add probiotic yoghurt to your diet for good health.

By Wendyl Nissen

Eating yoghurt daily is a really good health boost.

It contains high levels of calcium, potassium and live bacteria, which not only aids digestion but protects you against harmful bacteria.

After providing the recipe (right) a few years ago, a lot of people contacted me to say it didn’t work. I’ve since found out that not all milk is made the same and some milk on the market contains permeates – a waste product from cheese making – which alters protein levels and, therefore, effects the yoghurt recipe.

Thankfully, Heather Cole at Country Trading in Mapua conducted extensive testing of different milk to see which brands work and which didn’t. Heather found those labelled “standardised” didn’t work and she suspects they contain permeates. The following products worked well:

• Anchor Trim and Zero Lacto

• Meadow Fresh Original Blue and Farmhouse (silver top)

• Naturlea Organic

• Eco Farm Organic (whole and low fat)

• Pam’s Extra Slim

• Homebrand Trim

• Cow & Gate Trim

• Village Milk (available at farms in the South Island and Hamilton. Visit for more information.)

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