Best ways to get fit in your forties

It's never too late to get fit. Here are some handy tips for men and women.

By Donna Fleming
Best ways to get fit in your forties

MEN – Weight training:
In your forties, you lose 100g of muscle a year. Beyond 50, that rises to 500g. Research by Dr Robert Wolfe, a professor in geriatrics at the University of Arkansas, shows that a high-intensity session two or three times a week can offset these losses. Begin with weights of 2.2kg, doing bicep curls and lunges. As you progress, it’s worth joining a gym to get a full programme with advice.

WOMEN – Rowing:
The number of women in their forties taking up rowing has soared by 40% in two years. The reason? It is unrivalled in boosting cardiovascular fitness, tones the entire body and core muscles, and burns calories at a minimum rate of 600 per hour. Good technique is crucial. It is a misconception that it’s an arm-focused workout – your legs should do the work.

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