Bold blue fashion

This classic hue suits all body shapes and sizes – and is perfect for just about every occasion imaginable.

By Lucia Tigri-Brown

Blue is the ultimate foundation colour for a successful, capsule-style wardrobe. In its various shades, a limited number of items can be combined in myriad ways for a look that’s always crisp and clean. Start with a well-cut flattering pair of blue denim jeans, some stylish navy chinos and a couple of bold, bright scarves. Throw in red and white – and even a touch of this season’s hot newcomer, orange – for a look that will sing merrily as cooler days draw near.

Hot tips:

  • A classic blue handbag will last for years and never date, so splash out on a leather one if you can.
  • Don’t be afraid to mix two or more blue shades together, and wearing navy with black is no longer a fashion no-no!