The Block NZ’s bad girls Julia and Ali: ‘We’re proud of who we are’

Julia and Ali tell us why they're sticking to their guns as they take on the challenge of The Block NZ.
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Julia and Ali Heaney have earnt themselves a reputation as the bad girls on The Block NZ, but the troublemaking twins says they don’t care what viewers think.

From spying on the other teams to protesting challenges, the 28-year-old twins aren’t here to make friends. Opening up to Woman’s Day, the dynamic duo say being on TV hasn’t changed them.

“We don’t care what we look like on TV,” confesses lawyer Julia. “At the end of the day we can only come off as who we are and we’re proud of who we are.

“We stick by the decisions we make. We don’t like to pretend. At least we’re not putting on a façade. We can 100% maintain who we are.”

Watch: Julia and Ali reveal their kids’ room on The Block NZ. Story continues below.

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Despite receiving the lowest score in the history of the DIY series for the first room reveal – the kid’s bedroom – the girls aren’t letting it shake them.

They’ve come back fighting taking home several challenge prizes and first place in bathroom week after playing a game-changer advantage to knock competitors Stace Cottrill and Yanita McLeay off the top of the leader board.

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