‘I’m prepared to end the marriage now’ – Haydn and Bel’s horrendous honeymoon

Well, that escalated quickly!
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Their wedding day was picture-perfect but for Married at First Sight NZ’s Haydn and Bel, their honeymoon to Adelaide sees them far from marital bliss.

We catch up with the newlyweds at their hotel and after the highs of their reality TV wedding the cracks are beginning to show.

When they get to their hotel room Bel is alarmed at the heart-shaped rose petal arrangement on the bed and is hit with the realisation that she has married a stranger.

Working things out with a cuddle.

The pair put their bickering down to overtiredness and when they chat over cocktails later in the hotel bar they seem to have worked things out.

During a walk in the park later the lovebirds reconnect and look to be back on track.

However, their relationship is again tested when Haydn teases Bel about her being nervous while they are strapped to the roof of the Adelaide Oval.

Bel and Haydn on their roof climb at the Adelaide Oval.

Bel is not impressed. “I thought you were a thrill-seeker,” says Haydn while showing her how ‘easy’ it is.

“Yeah, I didn’t like that at all,” says Bel afterwards of Haydn’s ribbing of her.

The crack from their earlier argument turns into a gaping hole and things begin to escalate. That evening they sleep in different rooms and while Haydn wants to sort things out with Bel by messaging her she’s having none of it.

Primary school teacher Haydn, no doubt used to a few tantrums in the classroom, is having a tough time of it.

“She’s basically just shut down, won’t talk to me… I’m trying to message her and talk to her and she keeps ignoring me.”

A tearful Haydn.

Bel meanwhile is giving her side of things to some random woman in her hotel room (one of the production crew, perhaps?).

She says she wants to meet him in person at breakfast but he wants an instant reply about what’s going on over Facebook Messenger.

“I’m not texting him. He can either turn up or he can’t and that’s his decision,” Bel tells her new mate.

After not receiving the replies he was looking for, Haydn decides to check out of the hotel and heads to the airport without his new wife, calling her actions “childish and petty.”

A tearful Haydn (yes, the Hulk cries!) says he doesn’t want to play games anymore or pretend that things are alright when they aren’t.

“I know I’ve put everything into it so there’s not much more I can do if she won’t talk to me.”

When Haydn doesn’t turn up Bel says their relationship is over.

“After a lot of thought I’m prepared to end the marriage now. I think I’ve given it a good go and tried really hard… We’ve had more lows than we’ve had highs… I’m ready to go home now.”

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