‘He’s starting to annoy me’ – Honeymoon hiccups for Dom and Claire on Married at First Sight NZ

The Palmerston North couple get intimate but their differences come to light on their honeymoon.
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While she struggled with her lack of attraction to him on their wedding night, Claire and new husband Dominic seem to have created a few more sparks at the start of their honeymoon.

Episode four of Married at First Sight NZ starts out with Claire speaking very candidly about “christening every room” at the lodge they are staying at in the Bay of Plenty.

Dom is a bit more reserved talking about how that side of the relationship is progressing while Claire tells the cameras, “He’s very good in the sack.”

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The memory of their frolicks between the sheets doesn’t last long for Claire and she finds herself getting increasingly irritated with Dom.

She says he’s starting to really annoy her by talking over her and not letting her speak.

Later in the episode the couple reveal they have had their first fight.

It began over the way each of them drives. Dom, the ex police officer, drives “too slow” for Claire, while he says he was concerned over how she was driving around corners.

She says the way Dom was criticising her reminds her of her ex-husband and how he made her feel.

“I like my ex-husband but I’m not with him for a reason,” she tells the cameras.

Dom says he was scared of the way she was driving and how she reacted when she criticised her.

Back at the lodge later on in the episode, the pair put their differences aside and we see them in the bath together.

“I think the fact that Claire has such a vivacious personality is a good thing,” says Dom.

Claire seems to accept that she’s not perfect for Dom either and that he’s still putting a lot into the relationship.

“If he can still put 110% percent into it then so can I.”

The episode ends with them joking over their driving and the pet peeves that they have with each other.

“I’m going to stick this six weeks out,” Claire says. “I still have a laugh with him… I have a great time with him.”

Dom smiles to the camera at the end of the episode saying he reckons he’s going to get lucky again.

Scroll down for more photos from Dom and Claire’s honeymoon in the Bay of Plenty.

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