‘I can’t even explain how nice Brett is’ – Angel and Brett’s happy honeymoon

It's all rainbows and laughter for the happy pair.
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Just when we thought Married At First Sight NZ stars Angel and Brett couldn’t get any sweeter following their gorgeous wedding, they did, on their honeymoon.

The bubbly couple arrive at the beautiful Kingsford Homestead in Adelaide, the set where Mcleod’s Daughters was filmed.

The day starts smoothly, Angel and Brett are feeling ecstatic and can’t wipe the smiles of their faces.

“Obviously the relationship has sky rocketed, like anything you’ve ever known, it’s just so insane, you feel like you’re in the fast lane 24/7,” Angel says with a giant grin on her face.

Brett is feeling the excitement also. “I’m so happy to be here with Angel, it’s great, she’s so awesome.”

The couple begin their honeymoon with a walk through the farm. Gentleman Brett lifts Angel up over a fence, much to her delight.

“Oh my god, I cannot even explain how nice Brett is, like he is so nice, like if you were to cut him open he would just be like, rainbows, that’s actually the best way to describe how nice he is.”

They arrive at a spa bath, nestled between trees.

Brett and Angel joke around in their spa bath.

Brett and Angel not only share a very similar sense of humour but laugh too!

The pair are all smiles in the tub, laughing together about the awkwardness of sitting in a tub with a stranger.

“Well here’s to breaking boundaries,” Brett says through laughter then follows on to blow bubbles on Angel’s face.

Seriously you two, you’re melting our hearts.

Brett and Angel are all giggles together.

Angel gets vulnerable and expresses her fear of rejection.

“To think that he couldn’t have feelings for me at the end of this or say our feelings didn’t resonate, it’s actually terrifying to me.”

Brett shuts down her nerves instantly. “At this stage there’s no way i’m going to say no at the end of this. Wifey, don’t even stress.”

During a trip to a historic wine cellar, Brett and Angel get to taste their birth year wine.

Brett and Angel at the wine cellar.

After Angel tastes her wine, made in 1991, Brett jokes about his age and where his birth year wine is in the cellar.

“So um, it’s down this way, I’m a bit older than you Angel.”

“It was almost a hike to Brett’s barrel but we made it there, nearly thought I had to get my runners on,” Angel says laughing.

Brett tries the wine made in his birth year.

Angel expresses that there’s no concern with the couple’s age gap.

“We really both don’t think the age gap between us is an issue, I think it’s more about our approach to life and how we tackle things cause at the end of the day that’s what really matters.”

The married couple are faced with their first ever problem, but, is it even really a problem?

“I think the hardest thing so far, for me, is literally how overwhelming the speed of this thing is,” Angel explains.

“And also like, your niceness” (yes, that’s right, his niceness).

“It’s definitely an inner struggle for me, in regards to him being so nice. In the past I have just never had someone treat me like a queen.”

Brett starts to doubt himself. “Yeah, maybe that’s why I’ve been single, cause I go to full on maybe at the start.”

“If i’m being completely honest, i’m quite guttered right now,” he says.

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But not to be discouraged, the couple are all smiles again at dinner.

Angel asks Brett if there’s any thing she can do for him.

“Just give me a chance, just don’t give up on me, that’s all I want” he responds.

Angel gushes. “I think that’s the cutest thing you’ve ever said to me.” (Where are the tissues?)

“I almost think he was doubting like, where we were going, and I was like oh no, 100% not!” Angel says.

“I definitely feel like we’re on the right path.”

We have high hopes for you, Angel and Brett!

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