Prince Harry’s schoolboy crush finally notices him

After all of this time!

Prince Harry may now be a happily married man, but he was once a boy with a celebrity crush – and, worse for him, the world knew about it because he allowed the media into his Eton College dorm room to photograph him.

In an image from the archives that the Daily Mail dug up of a teenage Prince Harry chilling in his space, the object of his schoolboy desires can clearly be seen on the wall behind him. Yes, that’s right – right there in the centre of the Persian rug.

It’s Halle Berry – former model, Academy Award-winning actress and at 52 years old now, still looking as stunning as ever.

In what can only be described as an adorable turn of events, when the Daily Mail unearthed the photo this time Halle Berry took notice.

“Ok #PrinceHarry, I see you!”, the American actress tweeted earlier today. She added emphasis with the ‘laughing hysterically’ emoji.

She also tagged in Missy Elliot – paying tribute to the lyric, “Don’t I look like a Halle Berry poster?” from her song Work It.

In the early Noughties, Halle Berry was one of America’s most highly paid actresses. Thrice married, she has regularly featured on lists for the world’s most beautiful or sexy people over the years. And she recently revealed the secret to her youthful looks was in drinking bone broth.

Halle Berry at the 2018 Vanity Fair Oscar Party in March – still as strikingly beautiful as ever.

An 18-year-old Prince Harry in his Eton College room. Halle Berry takes pride of place in the wall above him.

So what else did the 18-year-old prince have in his room for us all to see? There’s the trusty Lynx deodorant, a framed photo of his beautiful mum, the late Princess Diana, lots of cups and mugs (filled with half-finished tea, perhaps?) and images of girls in bikinis pinned to the wall alongside holiday snaps.

We guess the royals are not so different from us after all!

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