Remembering Princess Diana

She was known as "The People's Princess" and this year Princess Diana would have celebrated her 55th birthday.

Princess Diana with Harry and William

It has been nearly 19 years since Diana, Princess of Wales, was killed in a Paris car crash. Had she lived, the People’s Princess would have been celebrating her 55th birthday this year.

Diana was beloved by millions around the world and is sorely missed by her two sons, Princes William and Harry. In the years since her tragic death, Diana’s boys have grown into magnificent men who have never forgotten their mum – William even giving his daughter Charlotte, Diana as a middle name.

To mark her birthday we have put together this collection of photographs to celebrate Diana’s wonderful life.

Diana would be celebrating her 55th birthday if she was still alive.

A glowing Princess Diana in 1986.

Princess Diana in Canada.

Diana and a young Prince Harry.

A fresh-faced post-divorce Diana.

Charles, Diana, William and Harry at Highgrove in 1986.

Diana in Hong Kong in 1989.

Charles, Diana, Harry and William on holiday in Italy.

Diana, with William and Harry in their school uniforms.

Diana in March, 1981, before her marriage to Charles.

Diana and Charles announcing their engagement in 1981.

The royal couple on their honeymoon.

Diana and Charles on their wedding day.

Diana presents Prince Harry to the world in 1985.

The Wales family on the royal yacht.

Charles, Diana and baby William.

Diana doing charity work in Angola in 1997.

Diana receives gifts on her 36th birthday in 1997, shortly before her death.

The Princess of Wales looked stunning in black at a fashion show at the Cologne Museum of Art in Cologne, Germany in November 1987.

Charles, William and Harry viewing floral tributes to Diana.

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