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Rachel Hunter remembers her mum in a touching tribute before leaving New Zealand

The Kiwi star has said a sad goodbye to her ‘MotherLand’.
Rachel Hunter remembers mother in touching tribute

Rachel Hunter has returned to her home in Los Angeles after spending several precious months here with her dying mum.

Her mother, Janeen Phillips, who had been battling cancer, sadly passed away from the illness in May.

In a recent post before heading back to the US where she is based, the star wrote she was leaving “my MotherLand for Los Angeles.”

Rachel also shared a short clip showing a beach, drenched in golden light, with a setting sun fading into the horizon.


Her tribute continued: “Since Mum’s passing the healing process of being home has been filled with a lot of love, sadness, support, and quiet anger (the “why” phase). Being able to revisit many places we spent time together, as well as places we spent her last months together. (Those were hard.).

“But being on this journey of Life, it’s a time to confront the unknown with understanding, growth, devotion & acknowledgment. I continue to miss her spiritual essence. But my bond to my Homeland represents the incredible Matriarch that gave life to me.”

“Honor these gracious, wise women. Hold them Love them & Listen.”


The 47-year-old had previously shared intimate details with her multitude of social media followers of her emotional journey.

Over the last five months, she opened on the struggle of seeing her mother become increasingly frail in a series of poignantly written posts to her many fans.

One, in particular, was shared on Mother’s Day. Alongside a photo of her holding Janeen’s hand, Rachel wrote: “Having laid next to you all night, my heart breaks in pieced with the pain you are in as we still continue this journey today with this hideous disease. You are infinite.”


In another, she showed her son Liam sleeping in a makeshift bed on the hospital floor; the bleak reality of her situation setting in as the family tried to spend as much time as they could with Janeen in her dying days.

“It’s a time to process the grief,” she wrote. “An incredibly special time to nurture, listen, love and devote to Mum.”

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