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Bachelor star Jordan Mauger reveals he ‘flipped a coin’ to pick his season’s winner

His season of The Bachelor New Zealand was the most controversial yet – and now, Jordan Mauger is getting real about what influenced his final decision.

Speaking candidly for a podcast with The Spinoff, season two star Jordan Mauger revealed he tossed a coin to choose between his final two women.

“When it came down to the final, I was so uncertain who was going to win,” he said on The Real Pod.

With both Fleur Verhoeven and Nazanin Khanjani waiting to find out their fate, Jordan said he was “strongly encouraged” to choose one or the other.

Jordan chose Fleur Verhoeven in the finale of The Bachelor New Zealand last year.

“The first helicopter was waiting and they [the producers] said, ‘who are they putting in it?’, so I flipped a coin,” he told The Spinoff, eventually choosing Fleur as his final pick.

Bachelor fans will remember Jordan’s season as delivering some of the most dramatic moments ever – with many of those coming to light after the show had finished airing.

Jordan and Fleur split two days after the finale went to air (and one day after an explosive Women Tell All episode) with Fleur announcing the breakup during a televised interview.

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Speaking to The Spinoff about his experience on the show, Jordan says he “knew it was very likely it wouldn’t work out with anybody”.

“But if you sign up to something, you see it through,” he said.

For their part, Mediaworks say they were “surprised” to learn of the coin toss, “but ultimately the decision was [Jordan’s] own and how he got there was his choice”.

With Three announcing today that the Bachelorettes will be reuniting for another Women Tell All episode this year, fans will have to wait and see whether any more inside goss will be revealed from behind the scenes.

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