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Ingrid Hipkiss: change is in the air

A surprise for TV3 favourite Ingrid Hipkiss is a fresh start.

By Vicky Tyler

There’s something fitting about TV3’s Ingrid Hipkiss becoming a weather presenter at her favourite time of year.

The television reporter, who loves cooler autumn days, takes over her new role next week – and it has come out of the blue for the experienced journalist.

“This time last year I would never have thought I’d be doing something like this,” says Ingrid, who started her career as a political reporter.
“I didn’t see it coming, but it’s still taking something that is quite complicated [the weather] and simplifying it to something people can use.

And we are going to push into more expansive coverage, so if there is a big story, I’ll be out in the field reporting.

“The weather is something that affects people’s moods, livelihoods and every part of your life. So it’s really important to get it right.”

Until recently, Ingrid has been working as a senior reporter for 3 News. She will be taking over from weather presenter Mike Hall, who will continue
to freelance for TV3.

“I have visited the Meteorological Service and been getting schooled up on that side of things. With our geography and topography, New Zealand is
tough going in terms of the actual forecasting.”

And she’s understandably nervous about getting the forecast right. “If you’ve said there are going to be showers, you will find yourself waiting for them – luckily Auckland usually delivers, because we do get the four seasons in one day,” says Ingrid, who personally won’t enjoy predicting strong winds.

“I hate the wind,” says Ingrid, who endured Wellington’s notorious conditions for four years. “It gets you down. I think autumn is nice. After a long, hot summer the cooler nights have been welcome.”

One of the advantages is that Ingrid (40) will be working Monday to Friday, from midday to seven, which simplifies childcare arrangements for sons Hunter (6) and Brody (2).

“The hours will make it easier, but it’s always a juggle,” says Ingrid, whose partner Jack Tarrant, a freelance cameraman, will be with the boys at night.

“I’ve never planned any of my career moves, they’ve just happened. It’s a happy accident.

Opportunities like this don’t come along every day.”

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