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Summer hair rehab

You’ll be the best tressed with our must-have guide.

By Nicky Pellegrino
Summer hair


If you suffer from frizz caused by humidity you may find yourself piling on more and more product.

Rehab by: giving up!

Too much styling product results in dirty-looking hair so instead of going for overload tie hair back into a chic, casual style. Side ponytails look good on those with long locks. Here’s how to master one – backcomb four or five small sections of hair near the crown and mist with a humidity-resistant hairspray such as TresemmÉ Tres Two Firm Control $9.29.

Part your hair to one side, and gather on the other side of your head. Secure an elastic below the ear. Finish the look by taking a half-inch section of hair from below the ponytail, wrapping it completely around the elastic and securing with two short bobby pins inserted in an X.

Hot topic

If you suffer from hair that’s oily at the roots and dry at the ends, the problem will likely worsen during the summer months.

Rehab by: refreshing next-day hair with dry shampoo.

The best one I’ve tried is Pureology Fresh Approach Dry Shampoo $37.50, but there are plenty of others out there that don’t leave hair feeling stiff or covered with white gunk. Spray onto the roots and then gently rub or blow dry in.

It’ll brush out the next day and you can re-apply but, no matter how good the product, use it too many days in a row and your hair will start looking dull and may show signs of residue.

Damage control

If you suffer from hair that’s super-dry, damaged and split at the ends, you need to act fast to restore it to health.

Rehab by: cutting down on the amount of heat styling you’re doing.

Having your stylist trim split ends is the only real solution – sealing products only provide a temporary fix. Be careful not to over-shampoo and, if you do, use a conditioner. Schwarzkopf expert Grant Withnell says a leave-in product will produce the best results as it helps the hair cuticle lie flat, making it look shinier.

Plus, it helps prevent damage from brushing and combing. Try Schwarzkopf Colour Shine & Protect Express Repair Conditioner $7.45. And if you’re swimming in the sea or a pool, protect your locks by applying a little hair oil before you take the plunge.

Dye dilemma

If you suffer from colour fade, this is the time of year when the problem accelerates.

Rehab by: going a little darker or more vibrant than usual.

Go to the salon for some gold, copper or chocolate low-lights to add dimension and depth – they’ll also make your hair look thicker. Between salon visits, get a quick at-home touch up with a semi-permanent. Schwarzkopf Live Colour $8.99 will last up to eight washes and is ammonia-free.

Or extend the life of your colour with a boosting conditioner such as Evo Fabuloso $44.90. It comes in seven shades, including blonde and copper, and will improve moisture balance and shine.

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